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Our Fall Clinic for Kyle is now open!

We are proud to announce the 2019 Fall Lacrosse Skills Clinic where new players will gain the skills to play the game and more advanced players will kick their ability up a notch or two but also have fun doing so!

WHO: Our program is design for any child 1st through 8th grade both beginners and advanced.   We will provide free equipment if needed!

WHAT: Our program will focus on most all aspects of the game from cradling, dodging, shooting, catching, passing, footwork, and positioning.

WHERE:  The location of the Fall Lacrosse Skills Clinic will be Gregg-Clarke park.

DETAILS:  Our instructors will be former D1 players, current and former youth program coaches.

The dates are as follows

October 12 @ 12pm-3pm

October 13 @ 12pm-2pm

October 26 @ 12pm-1:30pm

November 9th @ 12pm-1:30pm

November 16th @ 12pm-1:30pm



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